We have created a number of resources designed to enhance your knowledge about epilepsy and issues such as the importance of medication adherence, driving rules for people with epilepsy, drugs and alcohol, contraception and pregnancy, mood, travelling, and how to make wise choices and live well with epilepsy. 

You can use the checklist below to help you prepare for transitioning over time.

The idea is to help you understand your medical condition and how to manage it before you are transferred from the children's healthcare system to the adult setting. This process is carried out over a number of years.

1. Understanding your own diagnosis

2. Understanding epilepsy

3. Understanding how the adult healthcare system works

  • Have a local GP you feel comfortable with.
  • Know the names and contact details for the clinicians you will transition to in the adult health service.
  • Have your own Medicare card, Health Care card, and know your private health insurance details.
  • Ask your paediatric doctor to assist with the transfer of your medical information to the adult treating clinician.

Education | Employment



  • Many people with epilepsy have fulfilling and challenging careers.
  • When considering a career, talk to your parents and School Counsellor about what might be right for you. 
  • Also think about whether you would be safe if you were to have a seizure in that working environment. For example, it would be safe to be a school teacher, but it may not be possible to be a pilot.

See Epilepsy Action: Employment


People are discriminated against for a number of reasons. This is not acceptable. If you find that you are being discriminated against you can contact: